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February 14, 2012   |   Vol. 4, Issue 5
Venture Capital Explodes into the US Education Market
February 8, 2012 | World Socialist Web Site
The Obama administration’s education initiatives have been extraordinarily successful—not as measured by the typical metrics of student achievement, but as tallied on Wall Street by the flow of venture capital. The amount of private equity entering the education market nearly tripled to $224 million in 2011, up from roughly $130 million in 2010.
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White House and Universities Pledge Greater Effort to Retain Science Students

Not Exactly the Nation’s Entrepreneurial Capital
February 11, 2012 | Washington Post
A series of columns on the Washington regional economy is bound to generate a good deal of e-mail reaction. The request for big ideas brought lengthy, passionate briefs, all worthy ideas but not exactly the economic turbochargers I was seeking. More noteworthy is what I didn’t get, which was much disagreement with the basic premise
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Private Equity Industry Attracts S.E.C. Scrutiny
February 13, 2012 | New York Times
In recent years, the private equity industry has escaped much of the regulatory scrutiny that has been directed toward hedge funds and Wall Street banks. But that appears to be changing. The Securities and Exchange Commission has begun a broad examination of the private equity industry, seeking information about the business practices of some of the country’s most powerful financial firms.
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Business Owners Adjusting to Overhaul of Patent System
February 9, 2012 | New York Times
The most sweeping patent system changes in more than 50 years became law in September with enactment of the America Invents Act, which the White House has said will help turn inventions into businesses faster. Entrepreneurs and small-business owners who rely on the patent system to protect their intellectual property are just starting to understand the changes, which phase in over an 18-month period ending in March 2013.
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Pension Funds Get Queasy over Private Equity
February 10, 2012 | Bloomberg BusinessWeek
Mitt Romney’s campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination may be creating funding headaches for his former colleagues in the private equity industry. Romney’s opponents have characterized Bain Capital—the firm he helped found in 1984 and left in 1999—and other buyout managers as corporate looters who enrich themselves at the expense of ordinary workers.
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Venture Capitalists Favor Silicon Valley, but Silicon Alley Is Rising Fast
February 7, 2012 | VentureBeat
Despite a still sluggish economy, venture capital firms poured a total of $28.4 billion into 3,673 deals last year—one of the highest levels of dollar investments of the decade—with the majority of deals going into the software and biotechnology industries.
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What it Takes to Compete with Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley Job Growth Sizzles in 2011, Report Also Issues Warnings

Don’t Put Venture Capital at Risk

Why VCs Are Getting Into PR

Silicon Valley's Huge Economic Divide

Venture Capital, Disrupted

Ron Conway Is a Silicon Valley Startup's Best Friend

The National Science Foundation as America’s Biggest Angel Investor

The Angel Investor Is the New Venture Capitalist

Minnesota Angel Network Aims to Create Up to 290 Jobs

Kentucky Aims to Jump Start Start-ups

The Courting Ritual Of Financing Startups

Ride the Wave Into a New Creative Economy

Wisconsin Spends Millions on CAPCOs for only 202 New Jobs

Wharton Opens San Francisco Campus in Search of Startup Appeal

Turning Baltimore Research into Jobs

Study: "App Economy" Created Nearly 500,000 Jobs

Close Collaborators: Colleges & Technology Companies

Kansas Tax Plan Creates Questions

Job-Training Funds Would Be Welcomed in Nebraska

UWashington Incubator: Ground Zero for Doubling Startup Spinouts in 3 Years

To Find Investors: Go West, Young Startup — but Come Back

Kauffman Proposal: Use Tax Exemption in Startups to Help Cross the ‘Valley of Death’

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook's IPO

Big Players and Big Deals Needed to Help Solidify New York’s Tech Scene

Ohio Company Cooks Up Bio-success Recipe

Ten States Join Effort to Buy Natural Gas Vehicles

Marcellus Shale Boom Presses Law Firms to Boost Staffs

Key Players Drive Texas Medical Board's Stem Cell Rules

TechMan: Stay Innovative to Stay in Business

Governor Plans to Create 50,000 Jobs in Nevada by 2014

After Turning Down $500 from ‘Pawn Stars,’ Charity Lands $12,000 for ‘Godfather’ Movie Script

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