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April 3, 2012   |   Vol. 4, Issue 12
JOBS Act: The Winners And Losers
March 27, 2012 | Small Business America/Huffington Post
Did you hear the collective sigh of relief somewhere in the midst of the hysteria? A glimmer of hope shining through the predictions of gloom and doom? Considering how easily and quickly the Jumpstart our Business Startups, or JOBS, Act passed through both houses of Congress last week, you may be surprised at the range of vociferous opinions that have surfaced before, during and after its passage.
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JOBS Act Jeopardizes Safety Net for Investors

The Hidden Pitfalls of the JOBS Act

Bill Will Make Investing Easier, and Riskier

Give the JOBS Act the Benefit of Any Doubts

Crowdfunding Poses Pitfalls for Business Owners
April 1, 2012 | San Francisco Chronicle
Many writers, including myself, have warned of the risks investors will face if they buy unregistered stock in privately held startups via the Internet or social media. This will become legal under a crowdfunding measure that Congress approved last week and President Obama is expected to sign. But business owners also face risks if they choose to raise money this way, including the chance of getting personally sued.
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U.S. Investors Urge "Going Concern" Warning Reform

Crowdfunding JOBS Act Helps Spur Boulder-Based 'Stock Exchange'

'Crowdfunding' Law Expected to Bolster Utah Small Businesses, Startups

IPO Market Heats Up, More Startups Going Public
March 30, 2012 | The State/AP
The IPO market is heating up. A growing economy and rising stock market are prompting more startups to go public, and investors appear hungry to invest. This week, organic mac n' cheese maker Annie's and mobile ad firm Millennial Media posted the biggest first-day gains since networking site LinkedIn debuted last May. And Facebook's highly anticipated initial public stock offering is just weeks away.
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Climate Change Report: It's Time to Start Preparing for the Worst
March 29, 2012 | Christian Science Monitor
It's time to start protecting people from the impact of severe-weather events, a panel says. The report offers further evidence of how the climate change conversation is shifting.
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Getting Venture Capital Back on Track
March 30, 2012 | Amercan Magazine
How a vital American industry just might make a comeback. The House and Senate recently passed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, a piece of bipartisan legislation initiated by House Republicans that will help right the U.S. venture capital industry. And they did it in a presidential election year no less!
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White House and the F.D.A. Often at Odds

What's Wrong With Washington Playing Venture Capitalist?

Michigan Launches Program to Match Venture Capitalist Funding

Venture Capital Topic Intrigues Arkansas Entrepreneurs

Revamping the Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Seed Stage Accelerator Wants Hub of 100 Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Queen City Angels Aims for New $6M Fund

Iowa, Nebraska Angel Investors Try their Wings

Top US Angel Investor Says Size of Seed Funding Rounds Need to Increase

Alliance of Angels: How Yi-Jian Ngo Sifts for Startup Gold

Future TechStars, Step Forward

SEC Looking into Groupon's Financial Restatement

Rise of Y Combinator Signifies the Age of the Incubator in Silicon Valley

Director Praises Texas Technology Fund, Pushes for More Commercialization

Professor Hopes to Support Free Course With Kickstarter, the ‘Crowd Funding’ Site

Scientists Pin Down Cause of Historic Sea Level Rise

Conservative Distrust of Science

Public Worker Pensions Find Riskier Funds Fail to Pay Off

'Dude, it's Beef' - Leaders of Five States Rally for Embattled Producer

Manufacturing Shift Helps 'Cleveland Plus' Region Emerge from Rough Economic Waters

Obama vs. Boehner: Who Killed the Debt Deal?

Gov. Scott Signs Billion-dollar Florida Business Incentives Plan

Is Your Patent Portfolio Safe from the Supreme Court?

Health-Care Hearings Are Over: What Happens Next?

NSF Pogram at Stanford Aims to Tap into Silicon Valley Know-how

Third Rock’s: ‘Ultra-Super Positive’ on Biotech Innovation

N Carolina. Positioned to Be Leader in Nanotechnology

New Reports Confirm Las Vegas Lagging in Economic Recovery

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