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March 13, 2012   |   Vol. 4, Issue 9
As Pension Crisis Looms, Golden Years Fade to Black
March 11, 2012 | Bloomberg News
The resolution of every economic crisis sows the seeds of the next. Public pension systems in advanced and emerging economies alike were already under stress before the Great Recession. The past few years’ destruction of wealth and the likelihood of slower growth in the future have weakened them further and will put some under intolerable pressure.
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Oregon Losing Money Match Game in Public Employees Retirement System Fund

Retired Wisconsin Public Employees Face More Pension Cuts

Ohio Pension Funds Sue Big Bank

Student Loans Seen as Potential ‘Next Debt Bomb’ for U.S. Economy
March 11, 2012 | Washington Post
Bankruptcy lawyers have a frightening message for America: They’re seeing the telltale signs of a student loan debt bubble that is placing increased financial pressure on families struggling with their children’s mounting debt. According to a recent survey by the NACBA, more than 80 percent of bankruptcy lawyers have seen a substantial increase in the number of clients seeking relief from student loans in recent years.
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How to Turn your Researchers into Entrepreneurs
March 8, 2012 | Science Business
To create spin-offs and boost tech transfer, universities must actively help young researchers to become entrepreneurs. Researchers turned entrepreneurs are providing an increasingly significant channel for spin-off formation and technology transfer, making it ever-more crucial that universities create a supportive environment for young researchers with entrepreneurial aspirations.
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Biotech Industry Tries to Cut Hurdles to Approval
March 7, 2012 | San Francisco Chronicle
For all the advances made in drug therapies in recent years, the time and money spent on making them available is actually increasing, says Gail Maderis, CEO of BayBio, the Northern California industry group co-sponsoring the two-day conference, opening Thursday in San Francisco. "We're in a position now where aspirin would probably not be approved by the FDA because of the risk factors associated," she said.
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We Want Our Money Back
March 9, 2012 | The American Prospect
Good-governance groups are fighting back against companies that take state subsidies and then head out of town. Most states and cities will do almost anything to induce companies to set up shop within their borders—or to keep them there. It seems no tax incentive is too plush, no subsidy too bountiful. But what happens if they renege on the deal and pack up or simply don't live up to their promises?
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Silicon Valley Leaders Take Up the Dream on Behalf of Young Migrants
March 7, 2012 | Los Angeles Times
With the Dream Act in limbo, a loose coalition of Silicon Valley tech leaders is working to help undocumented students attend college, prepare for jobs and find ways to legalize their status.
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Forget The Robots: Venture Capitalists Change Their Health Care Investments

VC Distribution System Is (still) Broken

For Venture Capitalists, Risk Analysis and Stories Are Critical

Venture Capital -- A Word of Warning

Romney Punts on Carried Interest (again)

SBA Venture Capital Program May Expand

More Arizona Startups Taking Root

Can Austin Tech Industry Follow Trilogy's Example to Replenish Talent Pool?

Entrepreneurs Scramble as Banks Call in Loans

Young Entrepreneur Uses Creativity to Raise Venture Capital

House Passes Jobs Bill with Wide Bipartisan Margins

President Proposes National Network for Manufacturing Innovation; Could Detroit Be a Hub?

Microsoft’s Future Factory Shows Off its Latest Ideas

'Woz': College Is Where Innovators Grow

Ed-tech: Boston's New Class of Start-up

Surge in Bay Area Hiring Nearly 14,000 Jobs Added in January

Young Techies Snag Headlines, but Most Entrepreneurs Are Older

Minnesota Angel Network Trying to Fill the Gap in Early Stage Investment

Brookings Highlights Portland for Soaring Exports, Boosting Jobs

Quakes in Ohio Tied to Area Shale Operations

How Much Did Angel Groups Invest Last Year?

Angel Investor Groups in Alabama Creating Statewide Organization

Angels Favored Healthcare & Internet, With Bigger Rounds in 2011

In Cincinnati Help Wanted: Tech Companies Searching for Talent

A New Era for TechStars?

D.C.’s Newest Tech Accelerator “The Fort” Debuts Inaugural Batch

Alone in a Crowd: How Crowdfunding Could Strand Startups

Ohio Switching to New System of Grading Academic Performance

Cato Dispute Could Test Limits of Non-Profit Laws

How Climate Change Endangers Nuclear Safety

8th-Grader Proves You’re Never Too Young To Start A Company

Kauffman: Nearly Half of Innovative U.S. Startups Are Founded by 'User Entrepreneurs

IBM’s Watson Gets Wall Street Job After ‘Jeopardy’ Win

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