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March 25, 2014   |   Vol. 6, Issue 12
For-profit vs. Nonprofit Incubators
March 22, 2014 | San Diego Union Tribune
None of San Diego's 20 start-up accelerators made the TechCrunch "best of" list this year. San Diego Venture Group president David Titus said it's because TechCrunch evaluates only for-profit outfits that take equity in their startups, while San Diego's top accelerators are nonprofit in status, offering their services for free. So is a for-profit incubator better than a nonprofit incubator?
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The Incubator Boom

Can You Really Teach Entrepreneurship?
March 24, 2014 | Washington Post
Could the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg be sitting in class right now in the District? Maybe. More importantly, are there students whose lives could be improved if they learned the ins and outs of running a business? No question. That’s why a growing number of local organizations are working to arm those students
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Pittsburgh Entreprenuers Encouraged to 'Go Global'
March 20, 2014 | Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Connecting with a global audience might not seem like the most obvious priority for a new small company, but two Pittsburgh organizations want entrepreneurs to prepare for the world beyond Allegheny County's borders. “I tell startups that as soon as you put up a website, you’re a global company,” said Reed McManigle, who works in Carnegie Mellon University’s technology transfer office.
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How Tech Became San Francisco Enemy - Then and Now
March 24, 2014 | San Francisco Chromicle
The flyer tucked on the windshield of a tech worker's car on South Van Ness didn't mince words: "The Mission has been colonized by pigs with money. ... They help landlords drive up rents, pushing working and poor people out of their homes." The leaflet urged people to key the cars of wealthy new transplants: "Take action now!" The year was 1999. In today's rendition of the play, new actors have taken on the roles of protester and protested - but tech remains the villain.
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Crowdfunding Fraud: How Big is the Threat?
March 21, 2014 | Crowdfunding Insider
As crowdfunding becomes mainstream, the potential for fraud will inevitably increase. The authors of this article explores the the issues. With the passage of the JOBS Act and the subsequent revision of 80-year-old US securities regulations, crowdfunding has become a formidable new source of funding for a variety of use cases. It’s truly one of those game-changing concepts that disrupts the traditional industries and players.
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Equity Crowdfunding: Is It Right For Your Startup?

How Chicago Consulting Firms Wrap Themselves in 'Innovation'

Symantec Fires Chief Seen as Too Slow on Innovation

4 People You Need on Your Innovation Team

Sinking Biotechs Drag Down Nasdaq

Au Revoir, Entrepreneurs

Harvard to Offer Business Courses Online

Report Says Massachusetts Schools Require Quick, Dramatic Change

'Brain Gain' Is What Wisconsin Needs to Work On

How UNLV Aspires to Top-tier Research University

Start-Up Data Storage Firm Actifio Hits $1 Billion Mark

San Antonio’s Geekdom Fund Aims to “Pre-Seed” Tech Entrepreneurs

Iowa Startup Accelerator Pitch to Hit the Road

Starting Up Is Hard to Do

For the Youngest Startups, No Billions Available

New Capital Could Raise Airbnb Value To $10 Billion

Denver-based Adtech Startup Choozle Raises $1.8M Seed Round

Startups Launch Their Products – Literally

Mark Cuban Invests $250K in Packback at Illinois 'Shark Tank'

Big Climate Report: Warming Is Big Risk for People

Bitcoin Could Eventually Lead to Online Financial Revolution

How Immigration Reform May Boost National Defense

Tech Flips the Script on Immigration Foes

The Exceedingly Rare Unicorn VC

Drones Have a Future in Farming

If One Lender Turns Down Your SBA Request, Try Another

For Male Entrepreneurs, Looks Do Matter

How to Compete for Young Workers

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