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November 22, 2013   |   Vol. 5, Issue 43
A Serious Examination of the Promise and Perils of Equity Crowdfunding
November 7, 2013 | Wharton College
A disruptive new way for small companies to raise capital is putting a spotlight on the readiness of a tightly regulated securities market to adopt the openness of the Internet — and has sparked debate about whether the change will spur economic growth or become another vehicle for fraud. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is proposing a set of rules to let start-ups and other small companies sell securities for the first time through crowdfunding. Checking the perils and promise---.
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Seriously Ridiculous: Rethinking the SEC's Proposed Crowdfunding Rules

What's the Difference? Venture Capital, Angel Capital and Equity Crowdfunding

ACA to SEC - Startups Need Supportive Regs (Please Withdraw Proposed General Solicitation Rules)

Why Now Is the Time to Seek Startup Funding
November 5, 2013 | Reuters
We are entering a golden age of small-business and entrepreneurial finance. Between the crowdfunding boom (both donations and soon-to-be investment-based) and the surging growth of peer-to-peer lending sites like Lending Club and Prosper.com, never before have there been so many places for those seeking and those providing capital to connect and transact. For entrepreneurs, this means faster and cheaper access to more capital, especially in smaller amounts.
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Changing Course: Business Schools Cut Programs
November 7, 2013 | Wall Street Journal
Business schools are learning that, sometimes, less is more. After spending years adding new programs in an attempt to boost enrollment and capitalize on untapped revenue streams, deans say the efforts often confused prospective students or distracted administrators.
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U.S. Private Colleges Face Enrollment Decline

South Florida Faces Ominous Prospects From Rising Waters
November 11, 2013 | New York Times
In the most dire predictions, South Florida’s delicate barrier islands, coastal communities and captivating subtropical beaches will be lost to the rising waters in as few as 100 years. Further inland, the Everglades, the river of grass that gives the region its fresh water, could one day be useless, some scientists fear, contaminated by the inexorable advance of the salt-filled ocean. The Florida Keys would be mostly submerged alongside their exotic crown jewel, Key West.
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Rising Seas Haven't Hurt Property Values - Yet

Report on Climate Change Depicts a Planet in Peril

Good News on Global Warming? Emissions Going Up, but More Slowly.

US 'Report Card' for 2013: Student Achievement Creeps Upward
November 7, 2013 | Christian Science Monitor
America's students made incremental improvements in math and reading since 2011, according to the national 'report card' for 2013. But the pace of gains has slowed, critics note, and a sizable – and stubborn – gap persists between achievement of white and nonwhite students.
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In Public Education, Edge Still Goes to Rich

Academics Struggling to Become Professors Find Alternative Paths

US Universities Target Foreign Markets. Can Core Values Survive?

West Virginia Creates Investment Fund to Help New Entrepreneurs

Startup Jobs and Innovation Act Could Mean Big Break for Life Sciences Industry

Entrepreneurship Week Shows More Ways to Launch a Start-up

Plug and Play Offers San Diego Startups a Bridge to Silicon Valley

Does Iowa Have the Right Code to Clog Brain Drain?

Baltimore Startup in the Battle for Razor Customers

Program to Target Rules for Funding Pittsburgh Startups

Student Team to Scour Campuses for Promising Startups

Foreign Students Continue to Flock to U.S. Colleges

Five Startup Lessons from My Newborn

From Stem Cells to Patients: CIRM's Progress

Illinois Pension Crisis Fix Pushed Back Again

Vets in Tech Helps Veterans Find Jobs in Tech Industry

The False Promise of Classroom Technology

Sequester Woes for Research

Super Angel Fund Invests in Two Wisconsin Start-ups

Ethanol's Environmental Damage

Elite Grads in Business Flock to Tech

Silicon Valley's Canadian Feeder School: University of Waterloo

Will Drones Make Nevada’s Economy Soar?

There Would Be No Iranian Nuclear Talks If Not for Fracking

The Hidden Technology That Makes Twitter Huge

Billionaires Abduct U.S. Farm Subsidies

Idaho Town Struggles After Pinning Hopes on a Failed Factory

Supreme Court to Decide Who Has Right to Sue JobsOhio

Trade Groups Urge Congress to Tackle Patent-Demand Letters

Cities Turn to Streetcars to Spur Economic Development

Why Equity Crowdfunding Could Become the World's Largest Marketplace

Private Equity’s Online Courtship

Military’s Huge Impact in North Carolina May Shrink

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