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December 17, 2013   |   Vol. 5, Issue 49
Patent Warfare: Trolls vs. Inventors
December 12, 2013 | The Politico
Trolls are invading Washington. The rhetoric from both camps is heating up after the House last week passed a bill to rein in expensive troll lawsuits. With the White House supporting the effort and the Senate Judiciary Committee poised to take up its own measure, patent litigation reform could be one of the few pieces of tech legislation to come out of the 113th Congress.
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Chinese Ag Scientists Charged with Stealing Patented Seeds

Venture Capital Makes Big Bet on Bitcoin
December 12, 2013 | New York Times
Silicon Valley’s bets on the digital currency Bitcoin keep getting bigger. A San Francisco company, Coinbase, announced on Thursday that it had raised $25 million from some prominent venture capitalists in the largest-ever fund-raising round for a Bitcoin company. Since its founding a little over a year ago, Coinbase has developed a reputation as one of the most reliable players in the often chaotic world of virtual currencies.
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Taking The 'Fun' Out Of Crowdfunding
December 10, 2013 | Forbes
Crowdfunding is a trendy and cool buzzword. “Crowd” sounds sociable and “funding” is, of course, always good. But equity crowdfunding as contemplated by rules proposed by the SEC in late October is not promising. Because it sounds good, the term “crowdfunding” is applied, sometimes confusingly, to vastly different funding models, including “donation funding,” or through intermediary sites like CircleUp, provided all investors are “accredited” and “real” equity crowdfunding contemplated by the JOBS Act. This last model would allow non-public issuers to sell securities to anyone, regardless of their sophistication, net worth, or income, and no matter how risky, albeit in limited amounts and with many restrictions.
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MOOC Mocked: After Setbacks, Online Courses Rethought
December 11, 2013 | New York Times
Two years after a Stanford professor drew 160,000 students from around the globe to a free online course on artificial intelligence, starting what was widely viewed as a revolution in higher education, early results for such large-scale courses are disappointing, forcing a rethinking of how college instruction can best use the Internet. A study of a million users of massive open online courses, known as MOOCs, released this month by the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education found that, on average, only about half of those who registered for a course ever viewed a lecture, and only about 4 percent completed the courses.
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Arizona Detective Resigns State Job After Learning Immigration Status
December 14, 2013 | Los Angeles Times
Her mother had lied to her most of her life, until a few months ago. That's when Carmen Figueroa, a veteran detective with the Arizona Department of Public Safety, became a foreigner in her own land — or what she thought was her own land. The 42-year-old got her driver's license in California, married in Texas and moved to Arizona, where she worked her way up the law enforcement ranks. She is not the first to go through this experience.
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Boehner Gives Immigration Backers Hope

Optimism on Farm Bill Grows

NY Biotech Incubator Already Bustling With 16 Startups

Crowdfunding: Angels In Biotech, Or Devil In The Details?

Wisconsin Investors Seek Next Wave of Startup Wins

Entrepreneurs Fight Paid Forum on Venture Capital

Venture Capital Funding Rounds Keep Getting Bigger - Bubbling?

Where Angel Investors, VCs Let Their ‘Dogs’ Out

Wanted: More Startups in St. Louis. Reward: $50,000

Low-Cost Loans for Small Businesses Turned Down by Banks

In Bankrupt Detroit, the Bills Are Piling Up

In San Francisco Tech Titans Fete News Startup

Entrepreneur Worry: Is ACA Really 'Affordable'?

Pensions Become Less Certain For Government Workers

Software, Engineering Enrollment Spikes at Oregon Universities

U.S. IPO Activity on Track for Highest Level in 9 Years

Oregon without a Tech IPO Since 2004, Has 8 in the Pipeline

DOE: Natural Gas Boom to Continue

A Dark Side to the West’s Oil and Gas Boom

Experts Eye Oil and Gas Industry as Quakes Shake Oklahoma

Ethanol Growth Faces Mounting Challenges

University of Oklahoma, Sandia Labs Partner to Boost Research

Wisconsin Start-ups Put Twist on Online Retail

Lively Texas Roundup: New Funding in Austin, Dallas and More

Consumers Have Had Enough, Says 'Rage Survey'

Michigan's 15 Public Universities Have $24 Billion Impact on State

Sand Wars Come to New England Coast

Seed Theft in Iowa Tests U.S.-China Relationship

Global Warming Prove to Be Benefit to British Wine

States Charge Ahead with Their Own Crowdfunding Laws

How Crowdfunding Could Reshape Real Estate Investing

Which Entrepreneurs Become Employers?

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