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January 1, 2012 MoreLIP: Lipper Current Takes a Brief Vacation
April 18, 2011 California (ho-hum) Once Again Dominates Quarterly Venture Capital Investments
December 11, 2010 MoreLIP: We're Number One?
April 17, 2010 MoreLIP: The Quarterly Venture Capital Routine
April 11, 2010 MoreLIP: Angel Support Adds Growth Potential, Says HBS Study
April 4, 2010 MoreLIP: A Decade of Angel Investing Expansion
March 15, 2010 MoreLIP: Santa Claus, St. Patrick and North Texas
March 9, 2010 MoreLIP: It's March already! WBT2010 here we come.
January 25, 2010 MoreLIP: The Numbers Shrink, But the Pecking Order Remains
December 21, 2009 MoreLIP
November 30, 2009 How Should We Deal with the Potential Threat of Global Warming?
November 16, 2009 MoreLIP: Time Flies when You're Having Fun
November 2, 2009 MoreLIP: Debating Climate Change - Blatant Fraud or Looming Catastrophe?
October 20, 2009 MoreLIP: VC results, Angels and IPOs and more Broken Dreams
October 12, 2009 MoreLIP: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
October 5, 2009 MoreLIP: Badgers Attract Biotech Gophers
September 28, 2009 MoreLIP: More Attention to Climate Control Issues
September 1, 2009 MoreLIP: Welcome, September. Out of the August Doldrums and into New Opportunities
August 9, 2009 MoreLIP: Why it Makes No Sense to Compare Private and State-Sponsored VC Performance
July 19, 2009 MoreLIP: We already miss Walter Cronkite. The standards he demanded, the demeanor he exhibited, have helped make all of us better communicators.
June 26, 2009 MoreLIP: Get Well Soon, Venture Capital
June 8, 2009 MoreLIP: The Way We're Programmed
June 2, 2009 MoreLIP: The Tax Incentive Conundrum
May 22, 2009 MoreLIP: There's Something about Angels
May 18, 2009 MoreLIP: A Fresh Crop of Graduates Comes with Hope for Tomorrow
April 21, 2009 MoreLIP: Welcome to the Lipper Current Weekly