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The Lipper Current connects innovators, developers and investors to advance the innovation economy.

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About the Lipper Current

Welcome to the Lipper Current, a website and weekly e-newsletter that connects innovators, investors and developers to advance the innovation economy -- a robust economy driven by the commercialization of new ideas and technologies.

The Lipper Current is edited by George Lipper, a veteran entrepreneur, venture capitalist and economic developer. For the past decade, George has dedicated his professional life to tracking news for "the underdogs, the fly-over states, and the new entrepreneurs."

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The Lipper Current celebrates its partnerships with the industry leaders shaping today's innovation economy. We engage with and offer visibility to our partners through guest columns.

Our Publisher

The Lipper Current is published by Development Capital Networks (DCN). DCN provides specialized management and training to development associations and entrepreneurial networks, delivering a full complement of programs, services and management to build problem-solving organizations relevant to the firm's expertise:

    • Regional Economic Development
    • Technology Transfer
    • Development Finance

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Venture Capital
    • Capital Formation