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June 24, 2014   |   Vol. 6, Issue 25
Supreme Court Mostly Upholds Climate Change Rules
June 24, 2014 | Huffington Post
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday issued a mixed ruling on a challenge to part of President Barack Obama's greenhouse gas regulations by exempting a small proportion of facilities from a federal air pollution program while allowing most major pollution sources, including power plants and refineries, to be included.
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'Risky Business' Report Frame Climate Change as Economic Issue

Bipartisan Report Tallies High Toll on Economy From Global Warming

Water War Bubbling Up Between California and Arizona
June 21, 2014 | Los Angeles Times
Once upon a time, California and Arizona went to war over water. The year was 1934. The next water war between California and Arizona won't be such an amusing little affair. And it's coming soon..The issue still is the Colorado River. Overconsumption and climate change have placed the river in long-term decline.
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Is Angel Investing Slowing Down?
June 18, 2014 | Xconomy
Startups better bring their “A game” if they want to land early backers now. Brian Cohen, chairman of New York Angels, shared more of his tough love with entrepreneurs—and spoke about angel investing slowing down. He was speaking at this year’s New York Venture Summit, hosted by youngStartup Ventures in the financial district, in the shadow of Wall Street.
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A Welcome Crackdown on Patents
June 20, 2014 | Los Angeles Times
The Supreme Court moved again Thursday to rein in patent lawsuits, something it's been doing with remarkable regularity in recent years. This time, the court invalidated a common type of software-based business method patent because it doesn't involve any actual invention.
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A Caution about the Use of Equity Growdfunding
June 23, 2014 | Slate
Bipartisanship is so rare in Congress these days that one hopes every meaningful law passed with even just an ounce of across-the-aisle support is the best gosh-darn law it can be. Unfortunately, that can’t be said about one of the last bipartisan laws of note, the JOBS Act of 2012. Equity crowdfunding was supposed to be an economic boon. Instead it’s a disaster waiting to happen.
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Crowdfunding for Proposed Breakwater Chicago Complex Exceeds Goal

Crowdfunding, Wisconsin Appropriately Sips Beer in First Crowd Deal

The Significance of STEM for Education of American Children

Massachusetts Records Ten Biotech IPOs Already-Not Everyone Pleased

Some States Stifling Small Businesses

Optimism Grows for Startups

Startup Internships: Challenges, Opportunities and Rewards

Detroit Rolls Out New Model: A Hybrid Pension Plan

Toys for the Next Generation of Innovators

Texas Speaker Creates Panel to Study Economic Incentives

Austin’s Incentives Deals: What City Has Gotten for its Money

When Women Venture to Get Venture Capital

Crowd-funding Their Way to Mars

Argonne Gets $2M Grant for Hybrid Fuel Cell Development

A Smart Way to Skip College in Pursuit of a Job

Massachusetts Leads Nation in Life Sciences Jobs

Corinthian Colleges Warns of Possible Shutdown

Small Businesses Sick of Washington

Small Business Lending Reaching 'New Normal'

What Makes for a Successful Entrepreneur

Ohio and Israel Forge Business Ties: the Mix

Startup Offers $20,000 for New Recruits

Cuba's Budding Entrepreneurs

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