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January 7, 2014   |   Vol. 6, Issue 1
CES 2014: Spotlight on Technology Today and Beyond
January 6, 2014 | San Diego UJnion Tribune
Opening today in Las Vegas, the CES show is a gadget extravaganza that aims to set the stage for consumer-focused technology not only in 2014 but for years beyond. It’s part schlock and sophistication, junk and genius, the mundane and the mesmerizing. Vendors show off everything from boom boxes that transform into dancing robots to an all-electric Rolls-Royce that recharges wirelessly. Internet-connected washing machines fight for attention with 84-inch televisions that have screens so sharp it’s hard to look away. “The main thing about CES is it’s kind of a hodgepodge,” said Harry McCracken, former editor of PC World and now editor-at-large for Time. “But that is valuable because you get to see a little bit of everything.”
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TV Industry Puts its Hope in Curves and Pretty Screens

Smartwatches Pop Up All Over CES

Headphones Turn into your Own Personal Movie Theater

Fitness Apps Are Stars at CES

Samsung Electronics Goes Big on Tablets

‘High Times’ Launches Fund for Cannabis Investment
January 4, 2014 | Denver Post
Executives at High Times, a New York publication that has covered the marijuana scene for four decades, are launching a new private-equity fund expected to boost Colorado's newest industry. The HT Growth Fund plans to raise $100 million over the next two years to invest in cannabis-related businesses. With Colorado the first state to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana, firms based here are in line to snag a large share of that investment money.
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As St. Louis' TIF Tab Grows, More Are Asking for Limits
January 5, 2014 | St Louis Post Dispatch
Today, there are 122 TIF-funded projects in the city of St. Louis that are either built or under development. TIF districts cover everything from an industrial park on the south riverfront to a truck stop on North Broadway. They line the central corridor, financing downtown loft rehabs and the vast Cortex research park, where sales tax revenue from the new Ikea will pay for streets and parks. In a city struggling with decades of population loss and weak real estate values, it’s no wonder TIF has become a popular tool. But that’s not without cost.
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Michigan Retailers Accepting Bitcoin Digital Currency
January 5, 2014 | Detroit Free Press
You can buy a three-inch-thick corned beef sandwich at the Bronx Deli in Farmington Hills for $10.59, cash or credit card — and now, 0.01323 bitcoin. A small, but growing, number of Michigan retailers are accepting bitcoin, a digital currency that is only about five years old. Unlike coins that jangle in your pocket, bitcoins are virtual and exist only on the Internet.
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After Zynga Announcement, Bitcoin Price Tops $1,000

Solar Power Craze on Wall St. Propels Start-Up
January 4, 2014 | New York Times
The nation’s largest provider of rooftop solar systems, with more than 80,000 customers has not made a dime. And, frankly, no one quite seems to know when, or if, it will. But SolarCity has captured investors’ imaginations and become a potent symbol of a stock market ascent that makes the vertigo-inducing heights of Twitter seem tame. SolarCity’s share price, which closed at $59.27 on Friday, has soared more than sevenfold since it went public, and the company, which did not exist eight years ago, is valued at roughly $4.9 billion.
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If you Think Innovation Is Dead, Meet the Hydra

In Small Town, Immigration Creates Great Cultural Divide

Ireland Stirs Homegrown Flavor Into Tech Scene

Is Economic Growth Endangering the Planet?

Helping First-timers Steer Their Ships

Changes in Store for Small Businesses in 2014

Colorado River Drought Forces a Painful Reckoning for States

Nebraska, Iowa Unveil Economic Development Partnership

New Year's Advice Small Business Can Ignore

Wisconsin Commercials Seeks Businesses from Illinois and Minnesota

Illinois Pension Law Under Financial Scrutiny

Small Businesses Anticipate Breakout Year

A Creative Comeback in the Big Easy

Million Dollar Fund Created to Help Startups Using OSU’s Research

Can You Raise Money This Year? These 3 Trends May Decide

Finding Willing Venture Firm Can Feel Like Dating

Should You Be an Angel Investor?

Why Angels Should Keep Their Distance from Crowdfunding in 2014

Software, Web Firms May Dominate 2014’s IPOs

Help Wanted: Europe Stymied by Lack of Technology Skills

3 Universities 'in the Catbird Seat' for Testing Drones

Four States Confirm Water Pollution from Drilling

Still Stuck in a Climate Argument

Wall Street Pros: Stocks Could See Another Impressive Year

Future of the Texas Enterprise Fund Uncertain Under New Governor

JOBS Act Title III Rules: Moving Closer to Equity Crowdfunding

How the US Government Impacted Life Science Research in 2013

NC’s Burr Proposes Changes Small-business Advocates Don’t Like

Tech Wizard Started with a $25 Computer

Despite Gas Boom, Coal Isn't Dead

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