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April 29, 2014   |   Vol. 6, Issue 17
The Crowdfunding Conundrum
April 26, 2014 | Forbes
There is widespread consensus that crowdfunding is a boon, an egalitarian means for bringing products and services to market without relying on banks, venture capitalists, or established financial angels. Myriad platforms now allow entrepreneurs and folks with a little (or a lot) of cash to get together without the red tape and angst that so often accompanies the soliciting and procuring of startup funds. But....
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8 Things About Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs and Investors to Consider

Despite Big Ambitions, New York’s Tech Scene Is Still Starting Up
April 28, 2014 | New York Times
Predicting that your city will be the next Silicon Valley is simple. But actually making it the next Silicon Valley is something else entirely — as New York is slowly finding out. No New York start-up has been a breakout hit, the sort of blockbuster with a multibillion-dollar valuation that has become so commonplace in Silicon Valley. And that has led to some disappointment for people who helped set the city’s sights so high.
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Private Equity Takes Steps Toward Wooing Smaller Investors
April 26, 2014 | New York Times
Private equity funds — vast pools of capital that buy and sell entire companies — may become more accessible to smaller investors under a plan being contemplated by the company that runs the Nasdaq stock exchange.
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Here’s What it Takes to Become a Great Entrepreneur
April 28, 2014 | Washington Post
Entrepreneurship is never that easy and the stereotype of the startup founder is not representative of the technology world. Yes, there are a few, such as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, but they are the outliers—and they too don’t fit the stereotype. Critical thinking, communication, and scientific validation are skills that are in short supply in the tech world. These are skills that are abundant in the humanities. Here are six myths about what it actually takes to make it:
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If You Can't Wait for VCs, Try Crowdfunding Angel Investments
April 24, 2014 | INC
Startups like Quibb are using crowdfunding platforms to score capital from family, friends, and even their own customers. Is this the future of angel investing?
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GroundMetrics Lands $2.7M from Angels to Expand Geophysical Survey

Kentucky's Angel Tax Credit a Big Win, a Challenge for Cincinnati

Med-tech Innovation Demand Driving Partnerships with Startups

Life Sciences Research in Washington Delivers Economic Punch

Are Enterprise Tech VC Valuations on the Way Down?

Game Change Move, Y Combinator to Invest in Biotech Startups

More Help Needed to Expand Tech Education

The Highs And Lows Of The Startup Game

Tech Giants Race to Develop Artificial Intelligence

Tampa Bay Area Mayors Join in Pitch for Technology Startups

Future of Texas' State Incentive Funds Debated

Governors Form a Great Lakes Investment Partnership

For Women in Tech, Pay Gap Is Unusually Small

Small Businesses Find Benefits, Costs as They Navigate Affordable Care Act

Entrepreneurial Spirit a Start to ‘Disrupt’ Health Care

Big Money Leading Us to Another Internet Bubble

South Dakota Candidate Tries 'Crowdfunding' to Raise Campaign Funds

Will Patent Challenges Topple Tree.com?

CU-Boulder to Pilot Crowdfunding for Small University Based Projects

Ohio's Shale Wells: Billions of Feet of Gas, Millions of Barrels of Oil

Black Duck Software Joins Largest Private Firms in Boston

Pay Gap Because of Gender, Not Jobs

Venture Floodgates Open for Austin Companies in 1st Quarter

A Gathering of the Moog People

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