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June 17, 2014   |   Vol. 6, Issue 24
Where the American Startup Dream is Moving: Downtown
June 13, 2014 | Fortune
The garage is so… 1980s. The geography of innovation has shifted from the office park to downtown. Smart CEOs, leaders and policymakers would be wise to get with the program. Cities and metropolitan areas, in the United States and abroad, are the driving engines of national economies and innovation. Yet the geography of their innovation is shifting dramatically.
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Where to Locate Becomes Tricky Question for Entrepreneurs

Where Big Ideas Are Hatched: Incubators and Accelerators
June 14, 2014 | Boston Globe
It’s been 10 years since a Harvard dropout founded a little website for college students. But Mark Zuckerberg’s most lasting achievement probably won’t be Facebook. It makes sense that Greater Boston would be at the center of it all, with more than 250,000 college students and a burgeoning tech scene.
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High Schoolers Increasingly Focus on Pursuing STEM Studies in College
June 17, 2014 | Boston Globe
In high schools around the country, more departing seniors are electing to study computer science, mathematics, engineering, and science in college than graduates of just a few years ago. That trend is especially pronounced in Medfield, where 27 percent of seniors who declared college majors have chosen a high-tech track, up from 19 percent for the class of 2007.
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New Report: Crowdfunding Grows at Startling Rate
June 11, 2014 | Entrepreneur
As with any fledgling industry moving towards maturity, more and more data has started to appear that makes answering these questions a bit easier. One recent mountain of data on the crowdfunding world that just arrived contains a plethora of information
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The Need to Enhance Equity Market Structure

A New Source of Funds for Entrepreneurs: Your Neighbors
June 12, 2014 | Wall Street Journal
Everyone's heard the call to "buy local." Now a growing movement is urging people to take grass-roots support even further—and invest local. The idea: Instead of putting their investment dollars in big, distant companies, people should bet on the shop around the corner, by giving it a loan or buying a stake in it through a special stock offering. Small businesses, for their part, should lobby their neighbors and customers for support if banks don't come through with financing.
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Rising College Costs Push Students to Technical Schools

Missouri Stuck in Neutral on Road to New Economy

Seattle, the New Center of a Tech Boom

Cincinnati Accelerator Hits $1B Mark

Chile Teaches the World a Lesson about Innovation

Create Jobs, Don't Poach Them Says Chicago Commerce Chief

Madworks Seed Accelerator Aims to Polish Startups For Gener8tor

Third Rock Ventures Key Engine in Biotech Startups

Silicon Valley Tries to Remake the Idea Machine

Angel-VC Smackdown: San Francisco's New Tech Politics

Putting A Stake In The Ground: The Crowdfunding Angel

Austin Software Maker M87 Receives $3M for Growth

Tech Firm Plans to Bring Bitcoins to Campaigns

Nebraska Enterprise Fund Fills Financing Gap for Small Businesses

6 Low-cost Ways to Market your New Business

Silicon Valley a Likely Beneficiary of McCarthy Rise to House GOP Leadership

Entrepreneurs Buzzing Over Medical Marijuana In Florida

South Dakota GDP Gets Boost from Agriculture, Health Care

Teacher Tenure Bad for Students?

Pew Poll: Polarized America Lives as it Votes

Chicago School Turning 8th-graders into Active Entrepreneurs

Big Bang Disruption: The End (and the Beginning) of Financial Services

Obama Administration Picks Fight with Teachers Unions

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