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November 19, 2013   |   Vol. 5, Issue 44
Is Crowdsourcing the Future of Finance?
November 15, 2013 | Equities.Com
Whether this represents a chance for the general public to jump into the start-up game or opening the door to massive fraud, it’s clear that crowdfunding and the democratization of investing is going to be a major factor in what drives investing for the foreseeable future.
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What Proposed Crowdfunding Rules Could Cost Businesses

Fundraising Rules Murky Despite JOBS Act

Crowdfunding Sites Brace for Main Street Investors

Cash-Strapped States Turn to Public-Private Partnerships
November 14, 2013 | PewStates
Still strapped for cash in the aftermath of the recession, states increasingly are partnering with private companies to build and maintain highways, prisons, water facilities, tunnels and even hospitals and schools. Since these partnerships began two decades ago, their popularity has increased to the point where today, two-thirds of the states have laws authorizing so-called “P3s,” and 24 states recently have considered legislation related to the partnerships, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.
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Tech Entrepreneurs Revive Communal Living
November 17, 2013 | San Francisco Chronicle
Across San Francisco and the region, young technocrats are taking over the leases of grand estates and transforming them into modern-day communes. Unlike hacker hostels, these "co-living spaces" are meant for entrepreneurs seeking a more permanent home and adopting a lifelong philosophy of communal living: shared groceries, family dinners and an emphasis on group perks (i.e., yoga rooms and bowling alleys) over personal space.
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The SBA's $1.5 Billion Franchise Loan Problem
November 15, 2013 | BusinessWeek
Buying a franchise business, even when your loan is backstopped by the federal government, is riskier than you might think. The latest evidence: More than 40 percent of buyers of a single franchise defaulted on the loans that the Small Business Administration guaranteed over a dozen years. The failures left buyers in bankruptcy and taxpayers on the hook for $11 million, according to a new report by a congressional watchdog.
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$3 Million Gift Hopes to Boost Innovation

Growing Clamor About Inequities of Climate Crisis
November 17, 2013 | New York Times
Following a devastating typhoon that killed thousands in the Philippines, a routine international climate change conference in Warsaw turned into an emotional forum, with developing countries demanding compensation from the worst polluting countries for damage they say they are already suffering.
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Falling Prices Pose Hurdle for Effort to Limit Fossil Fuels

Wealthy Nations Pledged Billions to Help the Poor Adapt to Climate Change. Where Is it?

Social Media Start-ups' Value Enormous — if you Trust Investors

FEMA’s New Flood Map Reaches Deep into Boston

Reaching for Silicon Valley

Is Washington Broken? Not for the City’s Exploding Startup Scene.

Nashville Luring New Wave of Enterprising Health Care Execs

Maryland Entrepreneur Runs into Trouble for Using the Word 'Entrepreneur'

Unpitch Brings VCs & Angels Together for the Sake of Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

The Invasion of the Online Tutors

Americans Less Aware of Top US Entrepreneurs Than of Celebrities

A Boon In a Bean for Biotech

Achieva Executive Honored for Innovation in Fundraising Technology

Talent-starved Industries Seek More Computer Programming Education

Beyond Twitter: Next Wave of Tech IPOs Brews

Local Startup RaiseMore Courts Investors, Stays Committed to OKC

10 Trends Shaping Future of Wisconsin's Tech-based Economy

FTC Chief Supports Patent System Update

Stem Cell Research at Michigan Still Strong 5 Years after Constitutional Amendment

Biotech Startup Class of 2013: It’s a Short List

Business Border War Must Stop Says Missouri Governor

This Time, No Deal from Detroit Chapter 9 Threat

Life Science Fund Focuses on Oklahoma Discoveries

More Cities Consider Using Eminent Domain to Halt Foreclosures

Economic Developer Describes Raleigh Appeal over Other Cities

EPA's Ethanol Proposal Slammed in Iowa

More Aging Tennessee Valley Authority Coal Plants May Be Shuttered

Compromise in Arizona Defers a Solar Power Fight

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