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April 15, 2014   |   Vol. 6, Issue 15
Riding the Tech Roller Coaster
April 12, 2014 | Wall Street Journal
Tech stocks aren't sunk. But the ship has sprung a leak. Should you bail out? After climbing 244% from its 2009 low through March 5, the Nasdaq Composite Index has dropped 8.2%, tumbling 3.1% on Thursday alone—its biggest one-day drop since November 2011. Certain slices of the tech market look more perilous.
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Has this Year’s IPO Party Been Canceled?
April 13, 2014 | Boston Globe
How quickly things change. A few weeks ago the forecast was all sunshine for initial public offerings, particularly in the tech arena, and very much so in Massachusetts. Then came Thursday. It was supposed to cap off the biggest week for IPOs in years, but only three of the day’s seven expected IPOs actually reached completion, as the Nasdaq fell 3.1 percent.
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Venture-Backed IPOs & Late-Stage Investments Surged in Q1

Investors’ Appetite for I.P.O.s Seems to Ebb

Biotech Firms Seek Access to Wisconsin State Venture Capital Fund
April 13, 2014 | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Some companies are unable to turn to Wisconsin's state-backed venture capital fund created last year to spur economic development, because the Legislature barred the fund from investing in many biotechnology companies. The ban was prompted partly by concern that some money could wind up supporting embryonic stem cell research.
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Report Finds Wisconsin Among Worst-performing States for Entrepreneurship

Ohio Acknowledges Connection Between Hydraulic Fracturing and Quakes
April 12, 2014 | Cleveland Plain Dealer
State regulators are about to put the brakes on hydraulic fracturing by requiring seismic monitoring of wells being drilled near known fault lines. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources on Friday said that it will require companies seeking horizontal well drilling permits within 3 miles of known fault lines or where quakes have already been recorded will first have install a network of seismic monitors.
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Ohio Creates Tougher Fracking Rules to Reduce Risk of Earthquakes

Silicon Valley's Record 2013 Profits Funneled to Investors, Bank Accounts
April 14, 2014 | San Jose Mercury News
Silicon Valley technology companies produced record profits in 2013, but much of that cash was pushed into bank accounts and returned to investors at a level never before seen in the region's iconic industry.
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Why the 'Next Silicon Valley' Is Always Silicon Valley

Kauffman Study: Weaker Entrepreneurship Spells Stronger Job Market

Boston Area Biotechs Hurt by Market Selloff

Stock Markets Hit by Tech Selloff

Tech Stocks Tumble, Leading to Concerns of a Tech Malaise

Sliding Tech Stocks: Blip or Bursting Bubble?

Can St. Louis Become the Next Tech Hub?

Tech Stocks Took a Tumble

New York Talks Up Tech Job Growth

Startup Activity Falls Sharply in Missouri

Rich Start-Ups Go Back for Another Helping

Biotech Stock Pullback Good for Industry

Pitt Becoming a Launchpad for Entrepreneurs

Why Startup Investing Will Blow Up

Dual Turning Point for Biofuels

Phoenix Innovation Center Already Creating Jobs

Investing in Dreams: Northwest Programs Educate New Angels

Venture Fund Targets UCSD Technology

UpTech’s Third Fund May Add Startup Funding in Northern Kentucky.

Idaho Governor Signs Patent Troll Law

Crowdfunding Sites Letting you Get a Slice of Profits

SEC Advisory Committee Wants Tighter Crowd-Funding Rules

State-Level Equity Crowdfunding: The Next Big Thing

Chicago Firm Makes it Easier for Startups to Get Foreign Talent

Bend It, Charge It, Dunk It: Graphene, the Material of Tomorrow

Thought Secure, Pooled Pensions Teeter and Fall

Chicago’s ‘Fun Time Express’ Lands $125,000 Investment from 'Shark Tank'

Teaching Children How to Be Entrepreneurs

Paul Singh on the ‘Unsexy’ Truth about Venture Capital

$200M Later, Was TNInvestco Worth the Risk?

Political Rifts Slow U.S. Effort on Climate Laws

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