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August 27, 2013   |   Vol. 5, Issue 33
Startups Have New Options for Millions of Dollars in 'Seed' Cash
August 20, 2013 | San Jose Mercury News
Will Davis and Evan Baehr, co-founders of an Austin, Texas, tech company called Outbox, saw how tight the venture capital business has gotten when they went looking for money a few months back. When they'd first raised funds two years ago, Silicon Valley investors had been eager to deal. Then Facebook's IPO flop popped that bubble. But aspiring Zucks are in luck: Entrepreneurs have a growing number of alternatives
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Can Crowdfunding Fill Stock Market’s ‘Black Hole’ for Startups and Small Businesses?
August 27, 2013 | Washington Post
Once a springboard for promising young firms, experts say the stock market largely stopped working for start-ups and small companies more than a decade ago, leaving what one investor calls a “black hole” in the business growth process. One of the key changes on the horizon is the expansion of equity crowdfunding platforms, which will soon allow firms to raise capital online from non-accredited investors.
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'Crowdfunding' Changes Game for Business, Investors

Tread Carefully on Equity Crowdfunding

Creative Firms Have Designs on Detroit's Downtown
August 20, 2013 | Detroit News
As Detroit reinvents itself, a wave of creative companies — graphic design and film production studios, ad agencies and PR firms — is setting up shop downtown, bringing fresh ideas and a colorful perspective to a city that’s lacked such a wealth of artistic enterprises for a long time. “The creative class is the engine that brings rebirth to the places that need it,” said Tim Smith, CEO of Skidmore.
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Columbus as a Tech Magnet Has Strong Draw
August 25, 2013 | Columbus Dispatch
It took more than Battelle. It took more than CompuServe. It took time and the lure of money and a helping hand. But, undeniably, Columbus is quietly becoming a tech-company magnet. Just a decade ago, “If you were an entrepreneur, you had to figure it out on your own,” said Victor Thorne, managing director of strategic development at Columbus 2020, this area’s economic-development agency.
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Minnesota's 'Dream Act' Law Makes College Possible for Immigrant Students
August 20, 2013 | Minneapolis Star Tribune
Minnesota’s new “Dream Act” allows students who are living here illegally to get help with tuition starting this coming school year. Only 4 states have such a law
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The MOOC 'Revolution' May Not Be as Disruptive as Some Had Imagined

The Pentagon as Silicon Valley’s Incubator

Missouri Business Group Opens Arms to Job-poaching Texas Governor, Rick Perry

New York State Comptroller to Promote Investments in Silicon Alley

SEC's Angel Rules Could Hurt, Not Help, Start-up Firms

Government Study Calls for Tougher Patent Reviews

Women Creating Businesses in Male-dominated Industries

Dwolla’s Milne to Grace Cover of MIT Tech Magazine as Top Innovator

New Massachusetts “Technology Tax” Is Really a Tax on Innovation

Timing a Rise in Sea Level

Wind Farms Strengthen Energy in Off Shore Role

Climate Panel Cites Near Certainty on Warming

Ohio Shale Gas Still Not Creating Promised Jobs

Las Vegas Startup Weekend Finishes with a Flurry of Winning Ideas

Better by the Slice? Tony Hsieh Traces Genesis of Business Operations to Pizza

Gates Foundation Lures Biotech VC to Work on Global Health Startups

Are the Suburbs Where the American Dream Goes to Die?

Small-business Hiring on the Rise

Proposed Legislation Would Allow Wisconsin Businesses to Raise Money Through Crowd Sourcing

Launch-NY Working to Grow Companies, Create Upstate NY Jobs

HP, Nordex to Refund Incentive Funds after Failing to Meet Arkansas Employment Goals

Patent Trolls Take a Toll on Startups

Shifting Tech Scene Unsettles Big Players

Israeli Technology Draws U.S. States

SXSW Seeks Input on Cleantech, Education, Film and Music Panels

Maryland Business Loan Program Praised and Criticized

How Surveillance Changes Behavior: A Restaurant Workers Case Study

Survey: Americans Unfamiliar With the Common Core

IRS Probing Thousands of Small Businesses, Raising Eyebrows in Congress

U-M’s TechStart Interns Help Guide University Startups to Market

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