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January 28, 2014   |   Vol. 6, Issue 4
Why Crowdfunding for Start-ups Could Become a Huge Mess
January 24, 2014 | CNBC
Looking to put your life savings into an unproven start-up, and hopefully cash out when it hits big? Rules under consideration by the SEC would allow start-ups to "crowdfund" their businesses, raising capital from people who have traditionally been barred from making such risky investments. But while the crowdfunding phenomenon has worked for companies like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, trying to fund start-ups this way could prove disastrous for many people, experts say.
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Crowdfunding Tips for Turning Inspiration Into Reality

Bitcoin Foundation’s Shrem Charged in Silk Road Drug Case
January 27, 2014 | Bloomberg News
The vice chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation was charged by federal prosecutors with conspiring to launder more than $1 million in the virtual currency, the latest in a series of charges and forfeitures tied to the illicit online bazaar Silk Road. Charlie Shrem, 24, was arrested yesterday at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.
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VCs Deployed $74M Across 40 Bitcoin Startup Deals in 2013

Las Vegas Developer Offers $7.85 Million Mansion for Bitcoin?

K Street Mines for Gold in Silicon Valley

Buying With the Bitcoin Crowd

Bitcoin’s Next Frontiers: ATMs and Capitol Hill

Searching for ‘Next Big Thing’ Results in Soaring Valuations
January 22, 2014 | New York Times
You probably saw that Google is paying $3.2 billion in cash for Nest Labs, a maker of smart thermostats that has no profit and perhaps $300 million in revenue. The search giant can obviously afford to pay a rich price, and scarily high valuations are nothing new in Silicon Valley. Yet, the Nest purchase also illustrates how cozy the Valley is — and how that coziness removes any check on more sober pricing. Higher prices are in everyone’s short-term interest.. It’s hard not to be worried. Silicon Valley has no incentive to stop the valuation madness.
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Founder to Chicago: Let Go of Silicon Valley-Size Dreams
January 24, 2014 | Chicago Tribune
Adrian Holovaty says it’s time to rebrand the Chicago startup scene, focusing on passionate bootstrappers rather than small firms looking to get huge. Playing “the Silicon Valley game” isn’t going to get Chicago any closer to the kind of massive venture-capital dollars that flow through California, Holovaty told about 450 people gathered last week for the Chicago Entrepreneurial Center’s 2014 Startup Forecast.
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San Francisco Tech Industry Moderates the City's Backlash
January 24, 2014 | Los Angeles
Tech industry leaders launch a goodwill campaign in San Francisco, promising to create more jobs and affordable housing. As start-ups poured into San Francisco in recent years and younger employees of companies have chosen to live there and make the long commute to Silicon Valley, the pressure has proved too great on what remains a small city geographically, just 7 by 7 miles, creating a backlash..
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California’s Stem Cell Agency Poised to Bet Big on Genomics Research

Wisconsin Biotech Draws a National Eye

Doubt among Biotech Leaders in Texas Cancer Research Institute

Why Some Struggling Startups Get Bought For Millions, Others Are Left To Die

Hope for Startups High on Talent, Low on Funds

Startup Backers Push for More Cash from Missouri

University of Iowa to Staff 'Engagement Centers' Across the State

Houston Entrepreneur Starts Microfinance Program to Boost Startups

Bolt Looks for Later-Stage Startups as Hardware Heats Up

States Expand For-Profit Education Probe

MIT Retools to Aid Students with Startups

Telling the Truth on Achievement Gaps Improves Education

Battle over Science Classes Looms in Iowa, U.S

Resolving Patent Disputes that Impede Innovation

Companies Winning War over R&D Tax Credits

States Weigh New Plans for Revenue Generation

Researchers Say Income Inequality Hurts Economic Growth

Don't Believe the Tech Bubble Hype

Let 'Year of the Horse' Kick Entrepreneurial Venture into Gear

Fracking: So Where’s the Economic Boom that Was Promised?

Tech Failures Painful, but Seldom Carry Stigma

Farm Bill Compromise Will Change Programs, Reduce Spending

The Perils of Borrowing Too Much, Too Soon

State Agency Fast Tracks Ohio Permits for Fracking

UT System Got No Return from Unusual Investment

NC Plan Seeks 'Closing Fund' to Recruit Companies

Immigration Reform Battle Centers on Tea Party Bloc

Small Business Administration Committing More Cash to SBIC Program

Oklahoma Lacks of Skilled Workers Say Business Leaders

Demand high for IT Pros in Detroit, Qualified Workers Lacking

Payments Startup ‘Stripe’ Joins the Billion Dollar Club

Venture Capital Outlook Rosy for 2014

Nevada Venture Capital Investments Continue to Disappoint

Spencer, Iowa Tackles Rural Startup Problems

The Earth-Shaking Mystery in Texas

Dragon Innovation Offers $100K Investment for $1M Crowdfunding Wins

Industry Awakening to Threat of Climate Change

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