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October 8, 2013   |   Vol. 5, Issue 38
Federal JOBS Act Falling Short of Aim to Aid Start-ups
October 6, 2013 | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The JOBS Act was passed by Congress and signed into law by the President about 18 months ago. The goal was to make things easier for entrepreneurs who are raising money for privately held business start-ups, as well as broaden the pool of investors for such start-ups. The reality has fallen far short of that goal. Business start-ups are still unclear on how to go about advertising their need for investment dollars, angel investors are worried about a spate of intrusive paperwork, and regulators still aren't sure how to protect the public from scam artists.
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Host of Angels Flock to Syndicate Site for Venture Capital

Wisconsin’s Golden Angels Network Opens to New Members

Why Equity Crowdfunding Isn't a Threat to Venture Capital

Which Type of Crowdfunding Is Best for You?

Best Practices for Government Crowdsourcing Programs

Winds of the Future: Five Ways San Francisco Stays Innovative
October 4, 2013 | Xconomy
I think San Francisco deserves some defending. So, following in the footsteps of Kamiya and Talbot, I’d like to dwell on a few of the things that make The City such a remarkable place to live, work, and create. Many regions around the world have tried to copy the Bay Area’s culture of innovation. They’ll never succeed, at least not in the same way. In no other place could you possibly assemble all the things that spell San Francisco—this blessed plot, the envy of less happy lands.
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Are Tech Skills the Answer? Ask Indiana
October 5, 2013 | Indianapolis Star News
When it comes to the key economic stat of this decade — jobs, specifically well-paying ones — Indiana is struggling. Indiana's unemployment rate And Indiana’s average worker paycheck of $40,320 lags the U.S. average by a whopping $5,470. Those are huge performance gaps when you consider the implications. Indiana lags nation in percentage of employed and worker pay
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Twitter Puts Numbers to Its I.P.O. Talk, Filing for $1Billion
October 4, 2013 | New York Times
Millions of users seem to believe that Twitter has value. Now investors can start to make that call, too. Right now, uncertainty about the future is likely to feed bullishness about Twitter’s prospects. But that sentiment could just easily give way to stock-crushing doubt at the first sign of underperformance.
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Silicon Valley's Startup Founder Problem

NW’ Rising Tech Hot Spot: Vancouver, B.C.

Female CEOs Encourage Early Start for Girls in Science, Technology

Where's the Teacher? Online Minneapolis College Debuts Self-paced Courses

Recession for Classrooms as School Funding Lags

UTRF Launches Business Plan Competition for Academic-Affiliated Startups

Study: U.S. Adults Lag Behind in Math, Reading, Digital Skills

Is Success Spoiling Booming Traverse City?

Davis Roots Aims to Boost Business Startups in Davis

Why Big Ag Likes Big Data

While Others Underfunded Pensions, Milwaukee Held Firm

World Immigration Called 'Win-Win' For Rich Nations, And Poor

Britain Sets Out Rules to Protect 'Crowdfunding' Borrowers

Omaha Tech Nonprofit Finds a Fit with a Crowdfunding Operation

Why Some Say Crowdfunding the Next Big Thing

Crowdfunding Site Makes it Easier For Startups to Stand Out

Diddy on NFTE, High School Entrepreneurs, and the Shutdown

Cash-Strapped Governments Turn to Special Districts

SAP Launches $650M Fund, Highlighting Corporate Venture Growth

Keystone Pipeline Looks Worse With Each Study

Two JobsOhio Chiefs Step Aside over Pitching State Tax Credits

Startups Meet Investors at Nashville's Capital Unconference

Backers Try to Resurrect SBA ‘Debt Refi’ Program

Michigan 'Aggressive' in Small Business Lending Program

How Abandonment, Racial Tensions and Financial Missteps Bankrupted Detroit

Straight Shot Accelerator's First Omaha Startups Make their Pitches

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