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April 1, 2014   |   Vol. 6, Issue 13
Angel Investment Activity on the Rise
March 28, 2014 | Washington BIZ Journal
Got a great idea for a new tech start up? There's probably an angel investor nearby willing to pump money into your project. Angel investment in Internet, mobile and healthcare startups was on the rise last year, according to the 2013 Halo Report released by the Angle Resource Institute, Silicon Valley Bank and CB Insights.
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2013 HALO Report:: Average Angel Investments and Valuations Start to Climb

Florida’s Angels Take a Different Flight Path

Angels in the Cornfields: Investing Not Just a Big-city Game

Jean Hammond Named Top Angel Investor at Angel Capital Association

Biotech Leaders Talk Genomics
March 28, 2014 | San Diego Union Tribune
The rocketing growth of genomics is more than a biotech phenomenon. It’s a San Diego phenomenon. Three leaders in that movement, the most famous customer of genome sequencers and two leaders of local companies that sell such sequencers, talked Wednesday night about what the industry means to health care.
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Equity Crowdfunding Site Targets The Gigantic Untapped Consumer Market
March 26, 2014 | Forbes
If you want more women entrepreneurs to get equity financing and more women to invest in entrepreneurs, give them a tool they want — something simple to use that allows them to dabble and learn before they go all in. Oh, yeah, and someplace where they can collaborate, communicate, and share, which they love doing. That’s just what Portfolia, a crowdfunding site is doing. Now it’s just for accredited investors but when the rules and regulations for Title III of the JOBS Act get sorted out, unaccredited investors can participate, too.
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Tech Firms Bidding Today for Limited Visas
April 1, 2014 | Boston Globe
No April fool! Today is the annual rite of spring for the nation’s technology companies in line to obtain special visas to hire skilled workers from outside the United States. US Citizenship and Immigration Services begin accepting applications for the so-called H-1B visas. A total of 85,000 are available, but probably not for long. Last year the quota was filled in less than a week, a much faster pace than in previous years, when a moribund US economy stifled demand for high-tech workers.
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Forbes Summit in Chicago: Big Firms on Innovation, Durbin on Immigration
March 29, 2014 | Chicago Tribune
Big, established companies need to reward risk-taking, even failure. They need to capture spontaneous innovation that happens outside formal innovation departments. And they need to look over the shoulder of innovative entrepreneurs. So said panelists at the Forbes Reinventing America Summit, where about 300 CEOs and other corporate executives met for three days. Friday’s early sessions included a speaking appearance by U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, who focused on immigration reform and the decline in federal research funding.
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A Model for Innovation from Germany to Chicago

UN Panel Warns of Worse Climate Risk to Come

OK City OKs Incentives for GE Research and Baker Hughes Facilities

Facebook's Oculus Purchase a $2 Billion Bet on Virtual Reality

Detroit Startup Offers Savings Options on Big-ticket Items

American Farmers Confront 'Big Data' Revolution

Tax Break to Maintain Tech Growth in San Francisco

How the Other Half Commutes in Silicon Valley

Tech Startup Scene Starting to Flourish in Oakland

SEC Urged to Shorten Window for Investor Tip-Offs

St. Louis Entrepreneurs Have Big Money Needs, Aggressive Exit Dreams

Trillion Dollar Student Loan Debt Widens US Wealth Gap

States Use Farm Bill Loophole to Stem Food Stamp Cuts

High-tech Apprenticeships Could Give St Louis an Edge in Talent Wars

Supreme Court Revisits the Question of Software Patents

Texas Economy Back from Downturn, Still Growing

Mizzou Scientist Uses Crowdfunding to Support Fracking Research

Crowdfunding Site CircleUp Raises $14M in Venture Capital

Should You Do a Crowdfunding Campaign?

Austin Startup Bets Lottery Industry Is a Sleeping Giant

Brokers Get Big Commissions for Selling Entrepreneurs Costly Loans

Start-Up Health Insurer Finds Foothold in New York

Tennessee Tech Workers in High Demand

A Role Beyond Virtual Currency for Bitcoin

New Orleans Has 5000 Entrepreneurs And The Largest Crowdfunding Event In The World

Northwestern University Football Players Win Union, for Now

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