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October 15, 2013   |   Vol. 5, Issue 39
Baby Boomers Fueling Wave of Entreprenuers
October 12, 2013 | Detroit News/AP
Every passing month and unanswered resume dimmed Jim Glay’s optimism more. So with no job in sight, he joined a growing number of older people and created his own. In a mix of boomer individualism and economic necessity, older Americans have fueled a wave of entrepreneurship. The result is a slew of enterprises such as Crash Boom Bam, the vintage drum company that 64-year-old Glay began running from a spare bedroom in his apartment in 2009.
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What Angel Investors Know About Startup Investing That You Don't
October 9, 2013 | Forbes
Like investments in private equity, hedge fund, and real estate investments, non-institutional investments in startups - known as "angel investments" - are gaining momentum among the alternative investor crowd. Angel investing is growing in the US, led by a group of successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and savvy early investors reaping the benefits of big ticket acquisitions and IPOs over the past decade, and who, in turn, want to contribute both capital and experience to the startup ecosystem.
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The JOBS Act Isn't All 'Crowdfunding'
October 8, 2013 | Forbes
Much of the confusion can be tied to the habit of conflating different aspects of the JOBS Act and calling it all “crowdfunding.” The fact is that the JOBS Act tackles access to capital in a number of distinct ways, each with its own set of opportunities, risks, and questions. The SEC officially implemented Title II of the JOBS Act by lifting a decades-old ban on the mass marketing of private securities offerings – meaning those securities not formally registered with the SEC. This has triggered enormous excitement in startup and small business communities
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What VCs Really Think Of Crowdfunding

A VC Firm Tests the Limits of the New General Solicitation Rule

Why Some MBAs May Not Be Cutout for Startups
October 9, 2013 | BusionessWeek
Startups are hot. This has been the case for a while, but it seems that over the past few years, more students have had the confidence to pursue this route. Many more students are interested in working for a startup or creating their own. Wharton is a good example: The number of MBAs starting their own businesses at graduation has nearly tripled in five years, and the number of students working internships at startups increased nearly 15 percent in just one year.
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Biotech Crops Face Uncertain Future
October 13, 2013 | Des Moines Register
After almost two decades of rapid growth, technology used to produce corn, soybeans, cotton and other crops from genetically tweaked seeds stands at a crossroads. Promising new applications are on the verge of commercialization, researchers say. Yet critics are mounting an aggressive campaign to rein in the use of biotech crops they contend have been improperly used and under-regulated.
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GMO Discussion Shows Sharply Opposing Views

Chevron To Invest $90 Million in Fund to Support Energy Startups

G.E.’s ‘Industrial Internet’ Goes Big

Flourishing Entrepreneurship of New Orleans Start-ups Need to Keep it Going

Entrepreneur Finds Foreign Investors to Bring Jobs to Oakland

Start-up Founder Sees a Troll Behind Patent Lawsuit

Wanted: Better Research on Entrepreneurship

This Won't Protect Your Startup: Thieves and Spies in Silicon Valley

This Silicon Valley Startup Is Feeling the Pain of the Shutdown

Study of Millennials Alters Economic Assumptions

Venture Fund Set up by SWIB, WARF to Begin Wisconsin Investing Next Year

California Lawsuit Claims For-profit Colleges Misled Students, Investors

Tax Revolt by California Entrepreneurs Ends in Victory

How a Start-Up Got a $1.9 Million S.B.A. Loan Offer

Festival of Open Houses Taps San Francisco's Tech Startup Allure

New York Auditing its Pension Funds following Detroit’s 'Wake-up Call'

Who are Head Start’s ‘Angel Investors?’

Beyond Detroit How Are US Cities Performing?

Comparing 'Shark Tank' To Venture Capital Reality

Startups Seek Profits in Obamacare's Fine Print

Economic Debates Lead to Busy Time at Moody's

Crowdfunding 101: Don’t Forget to Protect your Idea

Jump Into Crowdfunding? Don't Be A Greater Fool

Triangle’s Research Engine Sputters During Shutdown

Getting Women to Pursue Technology Careers

Sandy Weill Invests in Silicon Valley Finance Start-Up

Gallup: Government Dysfunction Seen as Nation's No. 1 Problem

Drilling Water Wells Is One Way to Foil the Frackers

New Technology Leads to Innovation in Stagnant Eyewear Industry

What You Don't Know about Social Security

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