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October 29, 2013   |   Vol. 5, Issue 41
SEC Proposes Monumental Crowdfunding Rules
October 22, 2013 | Washington Post
It was supposed to take 270 days. Instead, it has taken about twice that long. On Wednesday, though, federal regulators will come one step closer to allowing people to purchase equity in start-ups through new online “crowdfunding” marketplaces. “For the first time in history, investors will be able to use these portals to deploy capital in the form of equity and get a rate of return,” Vince Molinari said.
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SEC Chair Mary Jo White’s Remarks On Equity Crowdfunding, Proposed Rules

Equity Crowdfunding Proposed Rules: Questions and Challenges

A Year Late, S.E.C. Weighs in With 585 Pages of Crowdfunding Rules

SEC Moves Toward Allowing Crowdfunding Stock Offerings

Ban on General Solicitation Lifted, But Caution Prevails

The JOBS Act: A Game Changer For Crowdsourcing?

How A Crowdfunding Site Helps Women Support Women

It's City Vs. Creditors In Detroit Bankruptcy Trial
October 23, 2013 | NPR
In Detroit on Wednesday, a federal trial begins that will determine whether that city is eligible for the nation's largest-ever municipal bankruptcy. Hundreds of the city's creditors are lining up to oppose the bankruptcy, arguing that Detroit is violating Michigan's constitution and that if officials tried harder they could find enough savings to pay the city's bills.
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Pension Alert Is Issued in Chicago Budget Talk

Phoenix City Pension-reform Plan Fails

U.S. Cities Grapple With Finances

Harvard and MIT's Online Education Startup Has a New Way to Make Money
October 22, 2013 | The Atlantic
It’s been about a year and a half since massive open online courses (MOOCs) achieved notoriety, and the industry now has three giants: Coursera, Udacity, and EdX. Coursera and Udacity are West Coast-run, Stanford-spawned, for-profit standard-style startups. EdX is different: It launched as an East Coast, non-profit collaboration between Harvard and MIT. EdX, then, is more of a mystery.
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College Costs Rising More Slowly, But Aid Not Keeping Up

Don't Call It a Course

Has Science Lost its Way, at a Huge Cost to Humanity?
October 27, 2013 | Los Angeles Times
In today's world, brimful as it is with opinion and falsehoods masquerading as facts, you'd think the one place you can depend on for verifiable facts is science. You'd be wrong. Many billions of dollars' worth of wrong. Researchers are rewarded for splashy findings, not for double-checking accuracy. So many scientists looking for cures to diseases have been building on ideas that aren't even true.
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How Technology Redefines Our Perception of Time

WBT Conference Draws Eclectic Innovation Mix, San Diego Included
October 24, 2013 | Xconomy
Can innovation come in more than one flavor? We have become so accustomed to the Silicon Valley way of doing things that it’s easy to forget that ingenuity engenders a million flowers to bloom. The WBT Innovation Marketplace, an annual tech conference that moved to from Texas to San Diego last year, provides a stage for entrepreneurs from the far corners of the world to present technology innovation from both beaten, and not-so-beaten paths. (See also Northrop Grumman interviews at the end)
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Small Business Funding: Come Out, Come Out, Wherever you Are

Wooing Investors Requires Patience, Preparation

Chicago Tech Hubs Hoping to Breed Next Generation of Startups

Getting Ph.D.s to Think Like Entrepreneurs

Manufacturing Startup Kicked into a Fast Start

Advice for Startups Dreaming of an IPO

BoostUp Is Latest Tech Startup to Launch in Detroit

Five Years Later: Reviving Iowa Economy Could Mean Trouble for Startups

What Mayoral Candidates Can Offer Start-ups (at least in Boston)

New Fund Hopes to Tap Mass Affluent for Startup Funding

Microcredit (Loans) for Americans

Governor Praises Innovation in Kalamazoo

Wisconsin's Hottest New Businesses Get a Spotlight

Report Deems Indiana EDC Effective, but Doesn't Examine Job Creation

Report: Privatized State Development Agencies Create Scandals Instead of Jobs

Are Eager Investors Overvaluing Tech Start-Ups?

Judiciary Chairman Expects Quick Action on Patent Reform

For-Profits Colleges Not So Profitable Anymore

Tuition Increases Slow Down, but There's More to College Affordability

Study: Massachusetts Top US in Global Education

Oregon Science Teachers Plan Switch to 'Next Generation' Science Teaching

Ohio State Defends Investing $50M with JobsOhio ex-chief

Kansas Farmers Commit To Taking Less Water From The Ground

Michigan Backs New Fracking Rules to Answer Critics' Concerns

What Professor whose Research Kick-started Ohio-Pennsylvania Fracking Boom Says

San Francisco Kitchen Lends Low-Income Food Entrepreneurs A Hand

Judge Grants Class-Action Status in Silicon Valley Hiring Suit

Idea Village Launches New Orleans Food Entrepreneurship Challenge

Finally, a Good Time to Sell the Business

Sexism a Problem in Silicon Valley, Critics Claim

Nashville Touted for Economic Dynamics

Gay Marriage Debates Flare Up

Immigration Poses Threat of Another Republican Rift

Ban on General Solicitation Lifted, But Caution Prevails

Harvard MBAs To Crowdfund Local Business

Startup Pioneers Columbus Tracheal Implants

Technology on the Thames

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