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December 3, 2013   |   Vol. 5, Issue 46
Some Public Pension Funds Behaving Like Activist Investors
November 29, 2013 | New York Times
Activist investors like Carl C. Icahn, Daniel S. Loeb and William A. Ackman are getting deep-pocketed imitators. Some of the biggest public pension funds, which have sought to influence companies for years, are now starting to emulate these investors by engaging with, and sometimes seeking to oust, directors of companies whose stock they own.
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Pressure's On in Illinois Pension Battle

Could You Be an Angel Investor?
November 27, 2013 | US News & World Report
Until recently, angel investors seemed a bit ethereal. Rarely seen, their influence in providing seed money for promising concepts and entrepreneurs was taken on faith. But in the past five years, angels have come down from the clouds to organize and to track their results. As with all investments, the devil is in the details. These down-to-earth tips will help you sort through the if, how and when of becoming an angel investor.
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What You Need to Know to Become an Angel Investor

Fracking-led Energy Boom Turning U.S. into ‘Saudi America’
November 28, 2013 | Sacramento Bee
A surge in U.S. oil production has in just a few short years propelled the United States from a country largely dependent on oil imports to one that soon could become the world’s top oil producer. The goal of North American energy self-sufficiency, the holy grail of American politics since the Arab oil boycott of 1973, seems to be within grasp. Fracking opened up a new world and it won’t close any time soon.
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Oklahoma Becoming 'Silicon Valley' for Drilling Technology

Opposition Evolves to Fracking Industry Moving Waste Down the Ohio River

Tech Leaders, Economists Split Over Clean Energy's Prospects
November 30, 2013 | NPR
There is a broad scientific consensus that to keep global warming in check, we need to phase out 80 percent of all oil, coal and natural gas by midcentury. There are technologists who say this national goal is well within reach, but there are also economists who are quite pessimistic about those prospects.
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A Triumph for Patent Trolls, a Defeat for Computer Security
November 27, 2013 | BusinessWeek
The two policy subjects most likely to raise the hackles of your average techie: the patent system and the importance of effective cryptography. Now a court case in Texas has managed to roll the two esoteric topics together in the most aggravating way possible.
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Patent Trolls Have a Surprising Ally: Universities

Law Professors Lobby for Patent Reform

States Compete to Attract New Boeing Assembly Plant

A Surge in Value for Bitcoin and Similar Currencies

In Silicon Valley, Partying Like It’s 1999 Again

Cleantech Investors, Startups Try to Pair Up in New Climate for Industry

Amazon Working on Flying Drones to Deliver to your Doorstep

Just 14% of VCs Have Bagged Billion Dollar Exits

Triangle’s Bumper Crop of 2013 IPOs a Mixed Bag for Investors

As Oil Floods Plains Towns, Crime Pours In

SBA Loans to Black Entrepreneurs Drop Dramatically

Florida Says it Wants Jobs but Really Needs Opportunity

San Diego's Growth Not Keeping Up

Refinery Seeks to Jump-Start Jobs in Arkansas Delta

Las Vegas among Cities Vying to Be the Next Silicon Valley

Technology Failures Grow Common in Government Projects

Auto Industry Turns to Crowdfunding to Draw the Young

Should We Be Worried About Crowdfunding's Future?

Crowdfunding Squeezes Into The Business Funding Arena

Silicon Beach Housing Prices Surge as Techies Move In

Tennessee Firms Generate Billions Online

Friendly Shopping on Small Business Saturday

Grassley Presses Need to Crackdown on Definition of “Active Farmer”

Government Books $41B in Student Loan Profits

LaHood: Washington 'Afraid' to Invest in Infrastructure

Inmates Learn Tech Sector from Silicon Valley Pros

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