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October 1, 2013   |   Vol. 5, Issue 37
Government Shutting Down in Impasse
October 1, 2013 | New York Times
A flurry of last-minute moves by the House, Senate and White House late Monday failed to break a bitter budget standoff over President Obama’s health care law, setting in motion the first government shutdown in nearly two decades. The impasse meant that 800,000 federal workers were to be furloughed and more than a million others would be asked to work without pay.
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Is Innovation Leading to a New Age of Productivity in the U.S.?
September 25, 2013 | BusinessWeek
So-called intelligent machines increasingly communicate among themselves and with people. Mobile devices allow round-the-clock interconnectivity. Computers crunch terabytes of data. Such innovations have convinced some economists that the stage is set for a wave of productivity gains to rival the one spawned by the 10-year Internet boom that began in 1995.
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Climate Panel Says Upper Limit on Emissions Is Nearing
September 27, 2013 | New York Times
For the first time, the world’s top climate scientists on Friday formally embraced an upper limit on greenhouse gases while warning that it is likely to be exceeded within decades if emissions continue at a brisk pace, underscoring the profound challenge humanity faces in bringing global warming under control.
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Global Warming Takes Back Seat in Wisconsin

Report Says Many Big Cities Face Serious Pension Debt
September 27, 2013 | Washington Post
Most of the 50 local governments with the largest pension debt have worker retirement liabilities that are greater than their annual tax revenue, according to a new report from the credit-rating firm Moody’s. The pension burden posed by current and future municipal retirees is significant and apparently troublesome for many local governments, the report says.
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Top Patent Court Can’t Even Get Slipper Patents Right

Patent Reform Needs to Invalidate Bad Patents

Tech Giants Fear Spread of Patent Wars to Europe

Tech Groups Applaud Patent Troll Investigation but Want Legislation

The Crowdfunding Economy Has Popped
September 24, 2013 | Time
Crowdfunding has enabled millions of people to donate money to make prototype products a reality and support artistic projects, among other proposals. In exchange, supporters have received free gifts, verbal thanks, even hugs. Now the stakes are about to increase dramatically thanks to a law paving the way for direct investment in startup businesses. In the week since the SEC put its conditional OK on crowdfunding, the LCW editor has watched a minimum of 50 entrees a week to start seeking funds for all sizes and shapes seeking funds...the large and the small, public and private, expected and unusual.
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HHS Puts Final Touches on Affordable Care Sites, Launches Today
October 1, 2013 | USA Today
More than three years after Congress passed the Affordable Care Act and President Obama signed it into law, the most controversial piece of the law begins today — the requirement that uninsured Americans buy health insurance — and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said the government is ready.
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Government Scientists Shift Gears, Start Thinking Like Entrepreneurs

New Startup Advertising Rule Muddies Water for Angel Investors

With New JOBS Act Rule, a New Era of Investment Banking?

University of California Tries Crowdfunding for ‘Promise for Education’ Campaign,

Om Malik: Only the Strongest VCs Will Survive Crowdfunding

Iowa City Parks and Recreation Using Crowdfunding to Restore Upper City Park

San Mateo County Parks Tries Crowd-funding to Help its Budget

Shackles Drop Off Advertising for Startups. Should We Worry?

Wave of Sewing Jobs as Orders Pile Up at U.S. Factories

Corruption Alleged after Detroit Pension Deal

Companies Cash in Oklahoma Job Creation Incentives Even After Layoffs

New Ventures Train High-functioning Autistic Adults for High-tech Jobs

California's Community Colleges Evolving a Master Plan for Bachelor’s-degrees

Big Banks Say Their Small Business Lending Is Up

‘Shame on Us’: How Businesses Brought the Debt Limit Mess onto Themselves

Buffalo Forum Aims to Stimulate Venture Capital Investing

Sadly, Seven States Slash Education Spending

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