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February 18, 2014   |   Vol. 6, Issue 7
Biotech Stocks Give Stock Market a Boost
February 15, 2014 | USA Today
Investors looking for a shot of medicine for their portfolios are increasingly looking to biotech stocks. Shares of biotech companies are up 9.3% this year, powered by a renaissance in science and regulations helping drugs go from test tube to blockbusters in record time. Biotech companies are on the verge of selling, this year, breakthrough drugs that treat some of the more vexing human ailments throughout time, including hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis and cancer. "It's a real biotech bull market," says Karen Andersen, biotech analyst at Morningstar. "There's a lot of optimism about the potential."
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Biotech, Meet Crowdfunding

Biotech Startup Turns to Crowdfunding

U.S. Tech Startups: An Endangered Species?
February 12, 2014 | Washington Post
Spend some time in San Francisco, Boston or New York City, and it seems high-tech entrepreneurship is alive and well in the United States. Read about the clever new products and services being built in emerging technology hubs like Seattle, Denver and the District of Columbia, and you come away with the same impression. Take a look at the actual numbers, and the outlook is starkly different.
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Retail Businesses That Try Crowdfunding Face Some Skepticism
February 13, 2014 | York Times
Money raised through sites like Kickstarter is essentially a donation. Creators seek funds for a specific project and typically offer goods or services in return, but those who back the project receive no stake in the enterprise. Congress legislated “equity crowdfunding” in 2012, but the Securities and Exchange Commission is still drafting the rules. More than half of the campaigns on Kickstarter fail to reach their goal. When that happens, all pledges are canceled.
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Question Investors Must Ask Before Crowdfunding

New York CPAs Urge SEC to Tighten Crowdfunding Rules

Governors Pitch Novel Tactics to Create Jobs
February 14, 2014 | PewStates
As the U.S. economy gains strength and states are in their best financial position in years, governors are proposing unconventional tactics to create jobs, especially in health care and high-tech. The approaches range from luring more immigrants to Detroit; making western New York the center for genomic research; to paying off nursing students’ college loans in New Mexico. In crafting their proposals, many governors are trying to respond to a common complaint from employers: They are ready to hire, but can’t find workers with the right skills.
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Crowdfunded States Compete for Startups
February 17, 2014 | Crowdfunder Insider
If we were tallying states up today, Kansas, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin have made equity crowdfunding legal and are in some stage of implementation. Alabama, Washington, Maine and North Carolina are all considering exemptions. Of course, that may change tomorrow. Amidst all the hoopla about a crowdfunding exemption at the federal level, states have been busy weighing and implementing crowdfunding laws. More seem to spring up by the week. The question that many may be asking: why should we care about state-level exemptions when a federal exemption is near?
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Would You Leave Florida to Be Able to Raise $1 Million?

Bitcoin's Transaction Malleability Rattles System

Salk, Stanford Become Equal Partners in Stem Cell Genomics Program

Bill Helps UW Researchers Get a Piece of Cybersecurity Pie

IPO Surge on Path to Rival 2000 Dot-com Boom

Massachusetts State Tech Economy Growing, but Not Fast Enough

Famed Wrigley Building Look to Lure Technology Firms

Third of Science and Tech Leaders Think a Woman Can’t Reach the Top

Texas Overtakes California, Leads in Tech Exports

Illumina and a Billionaire Want to Jump-Start Genomics Upstarts

Connecting Startup Firms, Bright Graduates

Venture for America Places Grads in New Businesses to Learn Entrepreneurship

Oregon Senate Unanimously Approves Bill to Ban Patent Trolls

$2 Million for Wisconsin College Students to Start Business

Wisconsin Venture Debt Programs Need More Deals, Not More Capital

VC Heads to Midwest for Next Big Thing in Tech

MN Angel Tax Credits Spurred $72M in Investments through 2012

Former Wisconsin Gov. Thompson Wants to Form Angel Fund

Ohio Third Frontier OKs $15.8M for 11 Northeast Ohio Tech Companies

Start-Up America: Our Best Hope

Baby-Sitting Marketplace, UrbanSitter, Raises $15 Million

Louisville Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from Guides

Small Business, Joining a Parade of Outsourcing

John Kerry Makes Clarion Call for More Action on Climate Change

Huge Solar Plant Opens, Faces Doubts About Its Future

Ethanol Industry Back in the Black After Rough Years

Battle Over California Drought Solution

A Coming Immigration Storm?

Black Entrepreneurs Give Opportunities to Communities

Chasing the Big (Business) Deal

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