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04/21/2009 — George Lipper, Development Capital Networks

This is Volume 1, Issue 1, of the Lipper Current Weekly, a free e-newsletter that captures the week’s best news from the Lipper Current (www.lippercurrent.com), an online news hub that aims to be the pulse of the innovation economy.

The Lipper Current is published by my longtime employer Development Capital Networks (DCN). DCN sees fit to keep me engaged, as I have been for over a decade, in bringing the freshest stories to you – the innovators, investors and developers that drive the commercialization of new ideas and technologies – providing you with the informational charge you need to succeed.

The Lipper Current is updated daily with the most current stories from across the country in R&D and technology commercialization, in state, local, federal and private investing, and in entrepreneurial insight and innovative ideas. Should you be among those who enjoy keeping up with the latest, I heartily recommend you add www.lippercurrent.com to your favorites list and stop by often.

Every day, DCN staff and I will post the best stories from more than 80 newspapers, a limitless list of Google alerts, a growing number of high quality blogs (some of the best business-news journalists in the country have fled newspaper industry downsizing to launch their own blog sites) and any other source we stumble across, including from you should the moment so inspire. Every Tuesday, we’ll email the standouts to you via the Lipper Current Weekly.

I have a native sympathy for the underdogs, the fly-over states, and the new entrepreneurs. As a fan who survived damn near a century to see the Red Sox win a pennant, so do I like to see the start-up survive and prosper.

So while there’s a button to allow you opt-out, we hope you’ll become a long term Lipper Current Weekly subscriber; and hope, even more fervently, that you’ll keep current with us online, as economic innovation charges full speed ahead.

Welcome again!

George Lipper
The Lipper Current
702 254-9229