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MoreLIP: More Attention to Climate Control Issues

09/28/2009 — George Lipper, Development Capital Networks

We have guided our readers to several climate-change stories in today’s Lipper Current issue, perhaps foreshadowing the forthcoming congressional debate on dealing with its many contributing elements. When legislators take on global warming, the dispute over insurance will look like a shoving match between siblings in the backseat of the family sedan.

We capture climate-change stories for LCW readers because they relate to the core themes of our newsletter: the evolution of the innovation economy, what technologies are emerging that hold promise for job- creation; and of course, that mother of all political issues, how much will it cost to deal with it -- or to fail to deal with it?

From a Nobel scientist to people who dare to change their mind about what the future holds, the stories from this week's edition are included with the belief that they contribute useful information before the food fight begins in Congress. No doubt once that debate is enjoined, "facts" will have us believe the earth is cylindrical or invaders from outer-space are influencing our climate.

We can’t not deal with climate change. Its impact is evident. Its causes may yet need more definition. And so here at the Lipper Current, we resolve to try to find the more rational examinations of the pros and cons, in the hopes we make a wise decision as to how to deal with it.

Because not only may we not be able to afford the cost of a mistake -- we may not have time to make it twice.