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12/21/2009 — George Lipper, Development Capital Networks

I've seen them loading up the sleigh. There's little more for us to say. Except, perhaps, in 20-10, we'll once again take up our pen, and share some news throughout the year, and deliver our readers a bit of cheer.

It's hard to realize we've traveled another year and viewed so much change. And hard to recognize that although we've done much, there are miles and miles to go. I'm struck mostly by how much our world has shrunk: made smaller by easier travel, quicker by communications, smarter by education. It's exciting and, from day to day, I can barely wait to see what news will be out there to find and share with you.

I tell people I have the best job on earth. I get to read more newspapers, more magazines, more newsletters. I get to work with bright, helpful and cheerful people who care, not only about what this work means to them, but about their co-workers and their clients. It doesn't get much better than that.

Now, if the Red Sox can just reclaim the World Series