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MoreLIP: It's March already! WBT2010 here we come.

03/09/2010 — George Lipper, Development Capital Networks

Today's newsletter is a bit longer than usual. I came across more interesting, instructive and informative stories early this morning and had no desire to send even more attractive items to the cutting room floor. Since the Academy Awards found a way to go long and to extend that breadth of their balloting, I figured LCW could exercise at least as much elasticity. From pension worries to innovation productivity, we've added not only to your reading but hopefully to your knowledge as well.

I'd be remiss were I not to remind you of one of Development Capital Networks' most significant events of the year, the 9th Annual WBTshowcase in Arlington, Texas, starting next Monday. The WBTshowcase is a little extra special this year since Lockheed Martin, a world leader in innovation, has taken a lead role as sponsor.

Lockheed Martin's leadership role in WBT2010 recalls a special memory for me, since one of my first jobs was at Lockheed in Burbank, serving as a data reduction staff member at the wind tunnel. The job -- part time while I was going to school -- taught me the importance of looking ahead in business planning. For years after, I watched the new planes on which I had worked come on line. Somewhere in old keepsakes I still have my final (residual) parting check...of 6 cents.

The WBTshowcase has grown immensely since its first trial run -- with the participation of the Federal Lab Consortium -- at Pittsburgh in 2002. It is now a mainstay for emerging technology firms across the globe to show their wares to investors, licensing executives and industry leaders. If you'd like to join us, please make a quick call to my friend Amanda Radovic at 480.477.6408 for details.

LCW is also preparing the way to feature a semi-regular "Guest Column" with in-depth analyses of issues from energy efficiency to global warming as well as economic development, venture and angel investing, technology transfer and commercialization, research and development, etc. If you would like to provide an article on any of the subject matters we share, please let me know at glipper@dcnteam.com or 702.254.9229. I'd like to hear about it.