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MoreLIP: Lipper Current Takes a Brief Vacation

01/01/2012 — George Lipper, Development Capital Networks

Not many people are so fortunate as I. I'm one of those lucky few with a job I not only enjoy, but also am anxious to get after early every day. My routine, searching for and sharing with you, information from about 80 daily newspapers, dozens of google alerts, and scattered other sources about what’s going on in entrepreneurship, venture investing, angel funding, technology transfer, education challenges, and other such items. It's what gets me up before sunrise, informs me, and enables me to share it with you.

I do this daily partly because I don’t want to miss anything (although I do, of course).

But now, I have to choose between this daily delight and an opportunity to spend a few days in the Caribbean. Such a burden!.

So I’ll be a sea (literally and figuratively) until the middle of the month, returning in time to publish the Lipper Current Weekly Newsletter January 24th And I plan to post the http://www.Lippercurrent.com web page a few days before that. BTW the web page now gets posted earlier (about 6am PDT) each morning and refreshed at mid-day, if warranted.

In fact I’ll miss doing this at least as much as you may.

Meanwhile, I hope your two weeks gets 2012 off to a wonderful New Year for you. .