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CJ Rhoads

It is with a heavy heart and tears running down my face that I write this post about George Lipper.
I'm now a many-time published author with hundreds of articles and several books. But in 2004 I was struggling, recovering from a traumatic head injury and trying to get published. George expressed an enthusiasm for one of my articles, and that gave me confidence. On September 28, 2004, George published that article; "Technology As A Business Branch", in the National Association of Seed and Venture Funding News.
George was always patient, insightful, and kind. I missed him at the last Gathering (I usually saw him at a gathering in Pennsylvania every few years) because he was recovering from knee surgery, and so I called him up and we talked for a long time about health, integrative healthcare, entrepreneurship, venture capital and all sorts of things. I was pleased to see the Lipper newsletter start up again shortly after that. Now I will have to reread the last one - it will be extremely difficult to fill his shoes, and I will miss him greatly.
My heart goes out to Jan and all those who worked closely with him. He was a phenomenal person.