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Deb Markley

I opened the Lipper Current, ready to scan for interesting items to include in the Center's newsletter, and was so saddened to learn of George's passing. I met George at a time when I was working to understand the landscape of non-traditional venture capital in rural America. My colleague, David Barkley, and I had the pleasure of meeting with George and getting his always direct and "straight shooter" take on what worked and, most importantly, what did NOT work, in the world of development finance. He was a constant source of encouragement, even as we found ourselves addressing some controversial issues. He checked in often and kept us informed with a welcome stream of reports, articles, etc. that were invaluable. Once that work was done, we lost touch for awhile. But, he re-entered my life through the Lipper Current, offering those same insights and connections to useful information that I've come to rely upon as we share entrepreneurship throughout rural America. He was one of the "good ones" in this field of economic development - innovative, committed, brimming with integrity. My thoughts go out to George's family and to everyone he touched throughout the years. He will be missed.