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Ann Payne

Jan and George became good friends about 10 years ago while Jan found our house for us. Bill and I shared special times with them several times a year since. In my experience, above all, he cherished Jan. George enjoyed stimulating conversation, a good Irish beer, golf, and his work. He was a simple man who enjoyed life to the fullest. He was thoughtful, sending me links to articles about the things that interested me. He had a twinkle in his eye and always a kind word. Not a person to take the spotlight, his stories were gentle and entertaining. He noticed people, he often had something clever to say to the server at a restaurant to make him smile, whom others may not have even noticed was there. I have seen him play golf almost as badly as myself on some days, and he maintained the same composure and kind spirit throughout. You can tell a lot about a person by how he acts on the golf course! I may not have a handle on “All Things George,” but I would say that George was constantly true to himself. George made me feel special. I think I probably am not alone in that. George blessed my life by his presence. Jan, he will be missed greatly. We will always be there for you.