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Bill Payne

I met George in the late ‘90s and quickly became aware of his journalism background, as well as his passion for economic development and entrepreneurism. I was instantly addicted to his NASVF newsletter and spread the word within my network about the value of his efforts. My wife and I decided to move to Southern Nevada about a year after George and Jan migrated to Las Vegas. I telephoned George one morning and ask if he knew of a good real estate agent in the area. George replied that he “woke up next to one that morning!” He was, of course, referring to his wife, Jan, who had already developed a real estate practice in Vegas. Over the past decade, Ann and I have socialized frequently with Jan and George and with our common friends, Margaret and Bill Botts – playing golf and sharing meals.

In 2009, I was delighted to hear that George had been named by Robert Heard (Development Capital Networks) as editor of the new Lipper Current. For the past five years, George has dedicated untold hours to delivering this weekly newsletter to his many readers. George and DCN provide a great service to our community by publishing the weekly Lipper Current. I have been an avid reader, often offering George my comments on articles I read about in his newsletter and making George aware of interesting information that he then relayed to his engaged audience.

George had a sharp wit, one I quite appreciated. He adored his wife Jan and his position as editor of Lipper Current. He will be sorely missed.