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Cynthia Gonsalves

George Lipper. How can one summarize all the stories, events, and adventures with George? There's too many. I had heard of George, but met him only a short 8 years ago. We were at one of the World's Best Technologies Showcases talking about start-up technologies/companies seeking capital investment; I'm not sure I ever had a conversation with George that didn't include this subject! George said he had heard I was interested in moving to Las Vegas and asked if I had a real estate agent because he had slept with a good one the night before. He quickly assured me she was his wife. When he put me in touch with Jan, none of us knew it would take 3 trips a years for 5 years to Las Vegas (including dinners and shows with George and Jan) to find the perfect place to live. We transitioned from work colleagues to friends after John and I moved to Las Vegas when we were able to enjoy George and Jan's company almost every month when we had dinner together at a restaurant or each other's home. George was most welcoming to me as I made the retirement TO new activities. He was most kind to introduce me to people in Las Vegas with similar interests in moving technologies from research to market products. George was a remarkable man and friend. His recognizing smile made everyone feel he was delighted to spend time with them. Every time I saw George, he recommended a news article to read, a new person to meet, or something I needed to do to keep moving forward. In my view, George viewed the journey through this life as an adventure and worth sharing with all who came to know him. We'll miss you, George. You'll remain alive in our hearts and conversations with Jan. Love you Jan!