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Steve Grizzell

George and I knew each other for over a decade. My favorite memory of him was when we were at the National Association Venture Fund's annual conference in Detroit in 2008.

George needed a cable for his computer and the closest Radio Shack was about 3 miles away. George said he wanted to walk and I said I would join him. Well walking 3 miles out of the downtown district in Detroit caused some stares from the locals. My guess is that it had been a while since two old white guys had strolled through the neighborhoods.

I was glad that George was a former Marine, although neither of us said a word about our surroundings. We reached Radio Shack uneventfully received great service and turned around and walked all the way back.

I don't think it even occurred to George not to walk back. The trip back was also uneventful so for those who have negative views of Detroit, perhaps they are overblown.

We had walked six miles and George wasn't the least tired. I tried to pretend that I was as fresh as he was but I don't know if I pulled that off.

I don't remember what we talked about but I do remember how much I enjoyed our time together.

George I miss you.

Semper Fi!